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"When we called The Carpenter (El Carpintero), we were thinking about a small guest appearance at the carnival, but he had a much bigger vision," Rivera said. "He wanted to do something much bigger to help more children. We met with him and his wife and they were immediately on board. They're not making any income."

Rivera has 130 students in her Education and Training classes. All have an assignment for Saturday's events.

"Everything at the carnival will have been donated," Rivera said.

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Michael Kors Wallet Jet Set Travel

Michael Kors Wallet Jet Set Travel

unwind before they go back to their studies and would result in them being better students.

"In my opinion, that playground they have is big enough for about three kids," junior Michelle Rangel said.

Because Vermillion Elementary is within walking distance, Rivera students can assist there two to four days a week, education and training teacher Michael Ann Rivera said.

presentation to the board, working independently and in groups to raise funds, and preparing booths for a fundraising carnival, the students are utilizing community resources, Rivera said.

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"In my program they need to learn how to use community resources, that's one of the lessons," Rivera said last week. "The second is to dream big and believe you can make a difference."

In a presentation to the Brownsville Independent School District Board of Trustees on March 4, Rivera and her students said the playground at Vermillion is far too small for a school its size and urged the board to consider reinstating a recess period. They said having recess gives students a chance to Mk Bags Cheap Ebay

Another person involved in the project is Joe Fuentes, an economics teacher at Rivera. Artemio Romero, a senior Education and Training student, got him involved.

General admission to the wrestling event is $10 for adults, $5 for children and $12 for ringside seats for all ages, sold in advance. Tickets sold at the door are $2 more. In addition, sponsorship tables are available. Contact Rivera at (956) 831 8700 Michael Kors Wallet Jet Set Travel for more information.

Prior to making their presentation to the board of trustees, the students met with board President Herman Otis Powers Jr. and Trustee Cesar Lopez. Both had nothing but praise for the project. The students said Lopezhad taken them "under his wing" and was able to help arrange for them to go to the vendor's fair.

Rivera said she and the students got to attend a playground equipment vendor's fair in Corpus Christi, which is where they came up with a cost estimate for the project. The current playground lacks shade, but the new one will be built near existing trees.

´╗┐Group fundraises for new play area at Vermillion

Rivera said the students already are realizing they have a voice.

$70,000 for a new playground at Vermillion, where the students serve as teacher assistants as part of their education and training career pathway courses.

"We're hoping up through third graders will be able to use it," she said. Vermillion has an enrollment of about 900 students.

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The board gave Project Playground the go ahead to continue fundraising and said it would consider the question of recess at a future date.

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In the cover letter accompanying Project Playground's presentation to the Board of Trustees, she asks the board to "show these future educators that their voices can be heard and that they can be world changers.

The carnival is Saturday afternoon at Rivera, followed by a Fuerza Lucha Libre Mexicana professional wrestling event in the evening in the Rivera gym. Rivera and the students said they are expecting 400 500 people to attend the carnival and 2,000 or more at the lucha libre.

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"We see that their playground is not a very good playground," junior Laura Guevara said. "Just because we're young adults doesn't mean that we don't have a voice."

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Michael Kors Wallet Jet Set Travel

"You are asking Brownsville to believe in BISD," she wrote. "We are asking you to believe in us and to believe in the vision we have to help our children. They need us and we need you."

Actually it is hard not to support what the students are doing. The playground at Vermillion is only big enough for one small class, is only used by pre kindergarten and kindergarten students and has to be unlocked before students can use it.

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"It's not for us, it's for them," Yadira Perez, also a junior, added. "Usually, people do things to benefit themselves, but we're not doing this for us. It's for the children."

They have organized under the banner Project Playground and intend to raise Mk Bags Uk

El Carpintero is performing for free to benefit the project. Gate fees will go to pay the other professional wrestlers. After overhead, 100 percent of the proceeds will go to the playground, the students said. The wrestling card is subject to change.

El Carpintero headlines the lucha libre event, with appearances by Mexican wrestling stars including El Comandante, La Nueva Pakita y Los Payasos: Odiosa y Fastidiosa; Rey Fuego, Galaxy and Mil Demonios.

"I know he loves to help others," Romero said. "I just knew he would help us."

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