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They have joined forces to launch the Michael Kors Jet Set Monogram Tote Our Schools are Not For Sale campaign against the apparent privatisation of schools through corporate involvement in BSF.

Kenny Bell, Newcastle branch secretary of Unison, said: "A campaign by the two largest teaching unions and two largest unions representing council workers is an indication of how seriously we are taking this issue.

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But a spokesman added: "Where LEAs don't propose academies within their BSF projects, we would expect them to propose a robust alternative strategy for tackling under achievement that promises to be equally or more effective than academies."

As well as the school, the new build also incorporated the Sandhill Centre to provide the community with learning and leisure opportunities.

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However, Sunderland LEA said it has faced no such pressure and continues to resist plans for an academy as it does not fit in with its policies.

´╗┐Hands off our schools

By 2005/06, spending on the Government programme is expected to increase to 2.2bn through a mixture of Private Finance Initiative (PFI) and direct public investment.

to that with PFI."

Under PFI, the private sector designs, builds, finances and manages or operates schools for at least 25 years.

Unions are concerned about how BSF will be used to deliver the Government's target of setting up 200 privately run academies across the country.

Academies have been met with resistance in the North East amid claims they will poach the best pupils, teachers and resources and leave other schools trailing behind.

Michael Kors Jet Set Monogram Tote

Michael Kors Jet Set Monogram Tote

"The money is obviously more than welcome, but what the unions are concerned about is some of the strings that are attached to that investment."

He said: "I fail to see why we as parents should put up with a second rate education system Michael Kors Handbags Blue

Michael Kors Jet Set Monogram Tote

Fears were also expressed that city academies would also increase private provision of public education.

But there is a flip side that has not been fully explored, according to the GMB, Unison, NUT and NASUWT.

John Kelly, a GMB representative and Washington parent, fears any reduction in BSF funding could affect the re build of Washington School.

Unions say the LEPC would eventually rival the LEA, which would erode democratic accountability for education policy and provision.

The Department for Education and Skills (DfES) said BSF funding is not dependent on the inclusion of academies.

or privatise these services for those schools benefiting from BSF investment."

Sunderland's BSF bid is the biggest in the region, totalling 185m to renew 17 of the Michael Kors Bags Green

Michael Kors Jet Set Monogram Tote

It has also assured the GMB that the jobs of caretakers and cleaners are unlikely to be privatised in the city, another concern for the unions.

Michael Kors Jet Set Monogram Tote

Ministers have hailed BSF as a "visionary" programme that will raise standards and said the level of spending on it is "unprecedented".

A major sticking point is the need to set up a privately run Local Education Partnership Company (LEPC) as part of the BSF programme.

The odd one out is Sandhill View School, Thorney Close, which was built two years ago under the PFI scheme with support from Jarvis.

A spokesman for the DfES said: "LEAs are not required by BSF to out source Michael Kors Backpack Au

city's secondary schools.

Michael Kors Jet Set Monogram Tote

Mr Bell said Liberal Democrat run Newcastle LEA has been told it could miss out on BSF funding if academies aren't included in the plans.

Michael Kors Jet Set Monogram Tote

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