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there was a tremendous prejudice against women as doctors, and for years she had an uphill climb against it."

Her other attributes a compassionate approach, sense of humour, volcanic energy and her lilting Irish brogue made her a popular figure on the wards and clinics.

´╗┐has an honourable place in Nottingham medical history

Yet some excuse had to be found for keeping her out. She was told that her qualifications, the highest open to women when she took them, were not high enough.

"She was a little woman with very bright eyes and wore steel rimmed spectacles. She always wore Michael Kors Jet Set East West Tote a grey costume, perhaps so she was deliberately unobtrusive.

Undaunted, at the age of 40, she undertook further study to become a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons. The opposition was cowed, and in 1902 she became one of the hospital's two most highly qualified members of the staff.

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Michael Kors Jet Set East West Tote

Michael Kors Jet Set East West Tote

Most of her male colleagues viewed her with distrust. For a year one of them insisted on being present whenever she administered an anaesthetic, eager to discover and proclaim some negligence or inefficiency. She disappointed him.

At that time, the Women's Hospital was based in two splendid Georgian houses at 29 Michael Kors Ava Saffiano

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Women doctors Michael Kors Jet Set Crossbody

The First World War did much to break down that prejudice six women doctors did excellent work caring for injured soldiers and other patients at the General Hospital.

In 1921/22 she became the first woman to be elected president of the Nottingham Medico Chirurgical Society.

"In those days Michael Kors Hamilton Small Shoulder Flap

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Dr Gray became surgeon to the Nottingham and Notts Convalescent Home and medical examiner to the Board of Education and the Nottingham Education Committee, where her outstanding ability and her sense of duty carried the day.

Sarah even mastered the early motor car.

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The story of Dr Sarah Gray is among the many fascinating articles and evocative photographs being compiled by local historian Paul Swift.

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were not wanted except perhaps by women patients and certainly not by the profession. So Sarah's early years were bleak and discouraging. But in 1899 she was elected to her first public appointment she became assistant surgeon in charge of outpatients at Nottingham Women's Hospital. The position was then called chloroformist.

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Michael Kors Jet Set East West Tote

Michael Kors Jet Set East West Tote

She had many interests in the city where she practiced for 37 years. Temperance, foreign missions, rescue work and social reform were all topics assured of her support.

He has opened a Community Facebook account on the history of Nottingham's Hospital. I have published just a few of the many photographs in the archive located at the City Hospital.

She was an eloquent speaker and contributed to articles in the medical press. Her life was rich and full and when she died in 1941, her loss was keenly felt.

Former Lady Mayoress, Mrs Hilda Hanson, recalled in 1955: "Dr Gray was a familiar sight, driving down Park Row from the General Hospital in her open victoria (a light four wheeled carriage with a collapsible top and seats for two passengers and a raised driver's seat).

31 Castle Gate before moving to purpose built premises in Peel Street in 1919.

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