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Some guy in a banana outfit let out a Jackson esque and jumped into the center of the library floor. Soon, another banana, along with a penguin, a dinosaur and Mario the plumber joined the action. They were dancing through the famous zombified choreography of the music video, complete with twitching heads, lurching

low, normally, Sutton said.

didn want to Michael Kors Grey Wallet be anything so conspicuous as a bunch of zombies, Lyle said.

Among the first to sign up were the banana duo of freshman Jase Sutton and sophomore Emma Lyle. They and about a dozen other students had rehearsed the dance since September, meeting for two hours of practice every Friday.

Michael Kors Grey Wallet

Michael Kors Grey Wallet

´╗┐Halloween delivers thrills to Abilenians

At the intersection of South 11th and Rodgers streets, Toni and James Rodgers handed out candy to those trick or treaters brave enough to approach their porch. The Rodgerses spend about three Michael Kors Blue Bag

For Sutton, one of the hardest parts was getting that down pat.

There were plenty of other activities around town as well. Despite the fact that many area churches hosted their own events Sunday night, there were still plenty of ghosts, ghouls and goblins walking the streets of Abilene on Monday evening.

The manager at one restaurant sporting such a sign said it was a policy that had been in place for years, designed to keep employees safe from mischievous merrymakers.

weeks transforming their yard into a land. now is so cute, so I like scaring them, Toni Rodgers said. of them don even get out of their cars. or cute, masked trick or treaters may have been welcome at Abilene homes, but not at certain local businesses Monday night.

Michael Kors Grey Wallet

Michael Kors Grey Wallet

At several convenience stores and restaurant drive thru windows, signs popped up saying that masked customers would not be served.

As it turns out, the supposedly impromptu dance actually was a stunt masterminded by library educational technology services coordinator Shannon Maynard.

It really is true what they say: 'No mere Michael Kors Greenwich Large Saffiano Leather

From there, the main challenge was keeping the big reveal a secret. The dancers decided to wear a mishmash of costumes to blend in with the rest of the crowd before launching into the dance.

Inspired by similar ambushes she seen on the Internet (seriously, Google it sometime), Maynard, 28, decided the routine would be a fun way to spice up HSU party. So she began recruiting among the library student staff, in search of those with the soul for getting down.

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Michael Kors Grey Wallet

Michael Kors Grey Wallet

Michael Kors Grey Wallet

voice is pretty Michael Kors Crossbody Studded Purse

Michael Kors Grey Wallet

Michael Kors Grey Wallet

mortal can resist the evil of the 'Thriller. until the 1983 Michael Jackson megahit came over the speakers Monday afternoon at Hardin Simmons University Richardson Library, the school Halloween bash had been pretty pedestrian.

Party favors, some pretty interesting costumes (Julius Caesar and Che Guevara made cameos), and plenty of small talk filled the air.

Michael Kors Grey Wallet

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