Michael Kors Bags Canada

Michael Kors Bags Canada

"It was at Birmingham Town Hall that Oscar Wilde had his greatest triumph, during a lecture tour in 1882.

Michael Kors Bags Canada

spin a yarn with such style?

"I said 'I'm very busy but I want to play Birmingham Town Hall'.

Michael Kors Bags Canada

"The title is a nod to my work on The One Show on BBC1, but is also because the show is about the people I have had the privilege of meeting, one to one.

´╗┐Gyles Brandreth puts Birmingham Town Hall top of the list

He's been married to Michele for almost 40 years and they have three children, called Benet, Saethryd and Aphra. He appeared on TV am and in Dictionary Corner on Countdown, plus he's a regular on Radio 4's Just A Minute and makes quirky reports for The One Show.

"I act out our encounters, so I will bring everyone from Richard Whiteley and John Gielgud to Michael Jackson to the stage. I was stuck in a lift with Michael. I'll show you him trying to teach me how to moonwalk.

Gyles, knows the Midlands well, as for many years he lived in Stratford on Avon and owned Michael Kors Bags Canada the town's Teddy Bear Museum. Founded in 1988, five years ago the museum moved to Wimbledon and he sold off part of the collection of bears.

Michael Kors Bags Canada

Michael Kors Bags Canada

"He said 'You can't just do that', so I said 'OK I'll do four to five dates for you as long as Michael Kors Wallet New Collection

Gyles has been described as Britain's best raconteur, and is putting his talents to use in The One To One Show.

I'm sure you say that about all the venues on your one man tour, Gyles.

Gyles then remembers his first ever stand up gig, 40 years ago, when the Oxford graduate was incongruously on the same bill as Bernard Manning in a Manchester club.

"I think I know how that misapprehension came about," he says. "I'm the patron of the National Piers Society. But that's celebrating piers like Brighton Pier, not peers!

"He wanted to come to Birmingham as the city was a centre of the Arts and Crafts movement and Pre Raphaelites. He told the audience 'I will talk on any subject you suggest' and a man said 'Will you talk about the Queen?', to which he replied 'Her Majesty is not a subject'.

"I went out onto the stage and started performing to a strangely silent audience. I realised they were looking over my shoulder, so I glanced round and saw that Bernard had put two topless go go dancers behind me to gyrate in time with my jokes.

"No, really," he insists. "I did this show in Edinburgh last summer and it was a big success, so the producer asked if I'd like to do some theatre dates.

"Half the show is about the entertainment world and the second half is about politics. I lift the lid on Westminster and do a section about all the Prime Ministers I've met, from Harold Macmillan onwards.

"Sometimes the audience is more starry than the stage. I see people looking around them and not at me, sadly. Last night Timmy Mallett and Wendy Craig turned up in Middlesex."

Michael Kors Bags Canada

Michael Kors Bags Canada

"I have come to fulfil the contract Michael Kors Purse Coral

between Oscar Wilde and the people of Birmingham, because I will talk about the Queen.

Michael Kors Bags Canada

Gyles has a reputation for being "fluffy", perhaps because of his collection of more than 1,000 silly woolly jumpers, but he was a Conservative MP for five years in Chester and became a whip for John Major's government.

I suspect he may be embellishing the truth, but who cares when he can Michael Kors Handbags New Collection 2018

"I am only doing this tour so I can play Birmingham Town Hall, you know," he admits. "I am doing 44 other dates just to get to you."

"That's the truth. I'm following in his footsteps."

Birmingham is among them'. He came back and said he'd booked 45 dates!

Michael Kors Bags Canada

And let's not forget the fact he was once world Monopoly champion and held the record for the longest uninterrupted after dinner speech at 12 and a half hours.

"To be honest I'm very happy with the work I've got. With politics you either have to be in it or out of it, and now I work for the BBC I have to be above party politics."

"Sadly I won't be bringing them to Birmingham."

He considers his greatest achievement to be introducing a private members' bill which led to the 1994 Marriage Act. It allows people to get married in venues like castles and hotels rather than register offices.

"It's a bit indiscreet but good humoured, I hope. People who feature in the show have occasionally turned up Jeffrey Archer was in the audience at Edinburgh and laughed.

Oh, and he'd like to point out that he hasn't worn a jumper for 21 years. So might he be tempted back into politics? When the Conservatives returned to power, there were rumours David Cameron might give him a peerage.

"I thought I was God's gift to comedy," he says. "I was a callow youth who turned up with a briefcase. Bernard took one look at me and said 'How long have they got you down for, lad?'. I replied 30 minutes, and he said '30 seconds, more like'.

Michael Kors Bags Canada

Michael Kors Bags Canada

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