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The cost was covered by a grant from the FAA through The Airport Improvement Program, which provides grants to public agencies, according to the FAA website.

"Now we are able to drive up to the aircraft and pierce it before anyone even technically gets out of the aircraft," Lompra said. "It's much more time efficient, which is important for the passengers on board."

The rescue crew has practiced using a penetrating aircraft skin trainer, a device that mimics the actual skin of a plane.

"It's a masterful piece of lifesaving art," Wren said, noting that it is also an environmentally friendly truck that emits only a combination of nitrogen and water from its engine.

time and life saving technology comes with a price, approximately $810,000, according to Bryan Wren, the assistant director of aviation at VIA.

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Soon, the crew will use a computer simulator to learn the mechanics of the Striker and all the angles they are able to approach fires like never before, including from below.

Lompra said the airport's constant purchasing of training materials is indicative of how hard the administration works to make sure the crew has what they need to do their job effectively.

Because aircraft rescue is a large component of Michael Kors Ava Large the inspection, Wren said he is hopeful the Striker will extend the airport's history of success, which he said is unmatched by other cities because of Lompra's expertise.

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Lompra said he has spent the last few weeks working with his crew of 21 men, making sure each is comfortable with the Striker, which is now in full service.

The time saved by the rescue team is just a few minutes, but Lompra said in his line of work, every minute is another life and that's a best case scenario.

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All this training and technology is in place at an airport that Lompra said has not had a disastrous event during his time as captain. But that doesn't stop him from striving for greater safety preparedness in case the worst case scenario arrives.

The Striker can penetrate an aircraft with the nozzle, discharge water at 750 gallons per minute, drop the internal temperature by 1,700 degrees under one minute, and all with the push of a few buttons.

´╗┐Harlingen airport rolls out high

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The airport opened bids in May for the purchase of a second Global Striker which will be delivered in approximately one year, Wren said. Because it will not have the extending turret, it is priced at $580,000.

Wren said three years ago the airport realized their current trucks were reaching the end of their useful Michael Kors Purses Leather

It is also the first truck to have a high reach extendable turret with a skin penetrating nozzle that acts as a mechanical arm for firefighters.

lifespan and plans were put in motion for a new truck.

"I can't tell you as a firefighter what a pleasure it's been to work with this great administration," Lompra said. "The airport has gone above and beyond in regards to allowing us the training and making this available to not just us, but to the flying public because all it Michael Kors Iphone 6 Case Wallet

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The Striker allows rescue crews to drive through pools of flaming fuel, if necessary, by using aspirating nozzles underneath the truck.

does is increase flying safety."

In the past, rescue teams approached perilous situations on foot, standing on ladders against aircraft, inches from the flames. The Striker changes that.

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Foam is discharged and creates a blanket that smothers fuel fires, which Lompra said is just one of many new tools that will help the crew with priority number one, saving lives.

"Our number one mission is to establish a rescue path and remove the flying public safely from the dangerous environment," Lompra said.

"The Harlingen firefighters are second to none, any city that I've worked for before, well, these guys are top notch. They are ready for anything, thanks to this man here," Wren said.

The truck, called the Global Striker 4x4, is manufactured by Oshkosh Airport Products. The one at VIA is the first one to come off the assembly line, said David Lompra, captain of VIA's aircraft rescue firefighters.

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Michael Kors Ava Large

But this masterpiece was not taken into consideration during the airport's last inspection because it arrived weeks later.

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